Commuter Information Center Agreement

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Pierce Transit is pleased to assist employers with distributing information about their transportation program. The Commuter Information Center (CIC) is designed for you to display a poster, and/or brochures, and bus schedules, and are used to post your Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) name and contact information.
By accepting, your organization agrees to display the CIC in a location beneficial to employees and safe from damage. Your organization also agrees to maintain the CIC and replenish the schedules, brochures, and/or posters. If your organization no longer wishes to display the CIC, it will be returned to Pierce Transit Employer Services. If the CIC is not returned or if it needs to be replaced due to being lost, stolen, or damaged beyond reasonable wear, Your organization may be charged the following per CIC: Single or Double Table-Top Rack = $225.00; (Old) Wall CIC = $225.00 (New) Wall CIC $400.00.

Kim McGilvery
3701 96th Street SW
Lakewood, WA 98499

Materials Available:
Carpool, Bike and Bus, Pierce Transit Rider Alerts and Special Events
Rack Cards:
Vanpool/Vanshare, Bus/ORCA,, Pierce Trips, Emergency Ride Home, Milestone Rewards
The Bus Stops Here - Pierce Transit, Ride The Wave - Sound Transit
Poster Series:
RIDE. LOG. WIN!, Emergency Ride Home, Milestone Rewards, Mode Series

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