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Megan works from home three days a week and saves more than just time and gas by not commuting!

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Naomi W.Naomi W.

Naomi's 5-mile bike commute re-charges her in many ways. Did you know, 5-10 miles is an optimal bike commute distance for an average cyclist? Hopefully, Naomi's profile will inspire you to commute by bike in 2023!

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Amanda K.

ArloWhen Amanda works from home, she saves on gas, food, and daycare. See who she spends time with!

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Leslie B.

AM kayak

Commuting into the office twice a week has freed up a lot of Leslie's time. On the days Leslie works from home, she saves up to two hours each day. That's up to six hours a week! Find out how Leslie spends her time.

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Robert W.

Who has the coolest commute to work? Probably Robert W. with the City of Sumner. And his e-scooter isn't the only reason why his commute is cool. 

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PXL_20210911_003347604Kevin B.

E-bikes are fast, convenient, and here to stay! If you are curious about e-bikes, Kevin's testimonial will certainly encourage you to start looking for one of your own.

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