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Posted on: April 29, 2022

Latest Star Commuter: Bike Month Edition! Jesse H. @ Pierce County


Bike Month Special Edition

This month we are bringing you a personal biking story that was shared with the Pierce Trips team. Jesse's story is one we don't hear often, but is influential. When you think about how you formed any new habit, didn't it all start out just by trying it once? If you are looking forward to a spring/summer full of exercising and enjoying nature and the smaller things in life, bicycling is one of the best ways to do so. Happy pedaling!

"COVID has offered me the opportunity to bike almost everyday.  The majority of weekdays I am at home with a bike close at hand (four are stored in my family room as others occupy the garage). At the end of the workday there is often the opportunity to shut down the computer, pet the dog, ignore the lunch dishes, and hop on the bike. Some days I am returning a library book, some days going to buy some wild caught salmon, other days headed for the BPA Trail and destinations beyond. From my home there are some rides that are quite scenic like the one that serpentines through neighborhoods to the north toward and through Redondo Beach. There are four sharp fast descents to the beach. There are four laborious, stand on the cranks uphill's back home.

In these biking times I have got to enjoy parts of neighborhoods that I could never see by car such as odd connecting trails between neighborhoods. Finding stray dogs and returning them to their owners. And just slowing down life’s tempo and listening to the rhythm of the derailleur popping up and down the gears.

Yesterday, I went out and got drenched-again. I discovered that it is better to get wet in the middle of the ride then to set out while raining. My odd preference. I know most people have bikes that sit in dry and warm garages. I encourage you all and get those bikes out and get those bikes wet and rusty.

Just Bike."

- Jesse H. from Pierce County

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