2019 Bike Month Winners

During the month of May, participants were encouraged to hop on their bikes! Overall, on PierceTrips.com, 241 participants logged 5,310 bike trips. In total, you all helped reduce 28,674 drive-alone miles and 28,187 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere! That's equivalent to 211 seedlings growing for 10 years. 

Folks who logged more than 10 bike trips on PierceTrips.com during the month of May were entered to win grand prizes. 

Social media winners represent folks who entered to win $10 gift codes by sharing a photo of their bike adventures on Pierce Trips' Facebook or Twitter page.  

Leaderboard winners represent bike groups with more than two members. Team "Chamois Lovers" won with eleven team members who logged 389 bike trips and rode for a total of 2,050 miles. That's 186 miles per person!

Pizza party winners represent two bike teams drawn at random. 

BM 2019 Winners - vertical