2018 Bike Month Winners

During the month of March, participants were encouraged to hop on their bikes!

Those who logged more than ten trips on PierceTripsCalendar.com were entered to win various amazing gift cards. Six participants were drawn at random. Additionally, participants could also enter to win $25 Rainier ticket bucks by posting a photo of their bike commute on Pierce Trips' Facebook page. Each week, one participant was chosen at random to win the reward. Overall, on PierceTripsCalendar.com, 140 participants logged 3570 bike trips. In total, you all helped reduce 152,030 drive-alone miles and 111,553 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere!

Individual winners are participants randomly chosen from PierceTripsCalendar.com.

Leaderboard winners represent bike groups with more than two members. Team "May We Ride" won with eight team members who logged 300 bike trips and rode for a total of 2,029 miles. That's 253.6 miles per person! 

Facebook winners, also drawn at random, were selected among a group of participants who submitted photos of their bike commute.

Pizza Party winners are teams randomly chosen from PierceTripsCalendar.com.

Bike Month 2018 FB Winners