Getting to Boeing- Frederickson

Need assistance getting to Boeing - Frederickson? Check out the resources below to save money on your commute to work!


Vanpooling is a great alternative to driving alone to work everyday. All you need is five riders who live along your route to work, with the primary driver living at least 10 miles from Boeing - Frederickson. The fare is based on the number of riders and the distance from the worksite. Plus, the fare includes gas, insurance and maintenance. The Pierce Transit Vanpool Team is eager to help any employees create a vanpool heading straight to the worksite. Vanpool offers great incentives to get you started!



Grab a buddy and carpool to work! While you or your carpool buddy will still be using a personal vehicle, splitting the cost of gas out to Frederickson daily saves money. is a great resource for finding carpool buddies.

Sounder Train and Vanshare

Taking the train from Lakewood or Seattle to the Puyallup Station is a great way to miss traffic congestion. To make the last connection to Boeing - Frederickson, Pierce Transit offers Vanshare for the first or last miles of your trip. With just five fare-paying passengers, just hop off the Sounder and jump into the parked van located in the reserved Vanshare spot. When your day is over, drive the van back, park it and you and your passengers can catch the train home. For more information, contact

Bike and Bus

Although transit doesn't reach the Boeing - Frederickson site, there are still opportunities to combine bike and bus to get to work since all Pierce Transit buses are equipped with bike racks. For example, if you live in Puyallup, you could take the 402 Meridian to 176th and Gem Heights, then bike three miles to work. Not only are you not using your car, but you're also getting your daily exercise in. To explore more routes, plan your trip on