Commuter Profiles

Amanda K.

ArloWhen Amanda works from home, she saves on gas, food, and daycare. See who she spends time with!

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Leslie B.

AM kayak

Commuting into the office twice a week has freed up a lot of Leslie's time. On the days Leslie works from home, she saves up to two hours each day. That's up to six hours a week! Find out how Leslie spends her time.

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Robert W.

Who has the coolest commute to work? Probably Robert W. with the City of Sumner. And his e-scooter isn't the only reason why his commute is cool. 

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PXL_20210911_003347604Kevin B.

E-bikes are fast, convenient, and here to stay! If you are curious about e-bikes, Kevin's testimonial will certainly encourage you to start looking for one of your own.

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My beautiful commute!Cortney G.

The joy of riding a bicycle overpowers Cortney's desire to drive to work. With a scenic commute like hers, who could say no to bicycling? Find out what keeps her going.

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Narrows_PCColin C.

Let's keep the bicycle momentum going! Check out our next star commuter Colin's interview about his e-bike commute. There are so many perks to riding your e-bike across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, but which is best?

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Snow BikeJesse H.

In this special issue, Jesse shares his personal journey towards biking almost every day, year-round!

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IMG_2351Alexis P.

Taking a sustainable trip across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge comes with its benefits. Carpoolers split the cost of driving and toll costs, and vanpoolers cross the bridge for free! 

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A798281E-3128-462B-9BA3-17DCB76B1E2ACheyanne B.

It's always important to take care of yourself before you take care of others.

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HankKelsie O. 

Can you guess what Kelsie has been doing with the money she saved taking the bus? 


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PuyallupRiverMtRKenneth B.

Some people do their best work on their commutes, and Kenneth's commute is by bike!

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Sue Marshall vanpool parkingSue M.

Sue commutes from Bonney Lake to Madigan Army Medical Center multiple days a week. Since 2018, Sue has logged over 1,000 vanpool trips! Imagine the savings from a 40+ mile commute, roundtrip (we can tell you -- it's $7,850 in savings from wear and tear, and gas).

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Sierra and BradSierra B.

Sierra was vanpooling daily before the pandemic. Since, she has been working from home most days, and vanpooling to the office once a week. Find out what keeps her dedicated to her vanpool.

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