pt-lyft-newlogoLimited Access Connections

Pierce Transit is partnering with Lyft to try to
alleviate these barriers. Launched in May
2018, the pilot program, "Limited Access
Connections," aims to help connect people
between their destinations, nearing transit
centers, and bus stops.

Riders living within certain service zones,
indicated in the map (right), can catch a free
Lyft ride to locations where they can access
transit. The free rides are limited to certain
days and time periods to address common
transit issues in a specific zone.

To learn more about the program, zones and codes, visit

Zipcar @ Puget Sound Universities

By joining a carshare company like Zipcar, you have wheels when you need them.  Carshare is great for people who: 

  • Don’t own a car and only need to use a car for occasional trips
  • College students
  • Couples and families who don’t want to own a second car
  • Need a company car for work trips or personal errands during the workday