ETC Kudos

Quarterly ETC Recognition Program

ETC Kudos logoEmployee Transportation Coordinators (ETCs) are the cornerstone of any transportation program. ETC Kudos aims to recognize ETC excellence in workplace engagement, strategies and performance toward increasing the non-drive alone commute rate. Pierce Trips reviews Quarterly Reports and rewards ETCs who have excelled in their position with recognition and a small gift. Take a look at our current and past designees:

2022 - 3rd Quarter

Samantha B.SekisuiSupporting a CTR program at another site, continuing First Mile grant support, promoting transportation options with recruiting teams
Kris S.
TorayHosting vanpool fairs
Luke N.TorayHosting vanpool fairs
Rosalinda G.
Clover Park Tech College
Hosted CTR booths at Student Orientation and Opening Day
Janet H.City of DuPontStarted a new vanpool and employer provided prize drawing for Walk Everywhere Challenge
Slok G.
AmazonAchieved 71% CTR survey response rate.
Malia C.
InfobloxAchieved 77% CTR survey response rate.
Tammy S.
Regence CambiaSuccessfully overcame challenges during the CTR survey

2022 - 2nd Quarter

Kris S.TorayAchieved 81% CTR survey response rate.
Luke N.Toray
Achieved 81% CTR survey response rate.
Gretchen H.Pacific Lutheran UniversityAchieved 79% CTR survey response rate.
Cheryl B.Pierce CollegeAchieved 82% CTR survey response rate.
Lynne C.Pierce TransitAchieved 72% CTR survey response rate, wrote Dump the Pump article and recognized smart commuters.
Cindy F.City of Tacoma - Municipal BuildingAchieved 79% CTR survey response rate, filled in between ETCs, inputted manual CTR survey data.
Nikki A.City of Tacoma - Municipal BuildingAchieved 79% CTR survey response rate, inputted manual CTR survey data.
Jesse M.City of Tacoma - Environmental ServicesAchieved 69% CTR survey response rate. Great job surveying as a new ETC.
Debbie F.Sound PhysiciansAchieved 80% CTR survey response rate.
Amber S.Tacoma Public SchoolsAchieved 72% CTR survey response rate.
Janet H.City of DuPontHosted a joint Bike Month and Wellness Challenge and achieved a 78% CTR survey response rate.
Jaime R.City of FifeAchieved 72% CTR survey response rate.
Diane R.JBLMHosted presentations.
Cathy H.JBLMHosted a team building event, handed out water bottles and cooling towels.
Samantha B.Sekisui Aerospace CorporationAchieved 72% CTR survey response rate.
Trudy S.Virginia Mason Franciscan HealthAttended staff meetings, promoted compressed work weeks and teleworking with departments. 
Cassandra L.WA National GuardAchieved 72% CTR survey response rate.
Lisa H.City of University PlaceAchieved 72% CTR survey response rate.
Mary Kay D.Madigan Army Medical CenterHosted a transportation booth with Intercity Transit.

2022 - 1st Quarter

Diane B.City of Gig HarborPromoted a successful telework campaign with prizes.
Cassandra L.Washington National GuardFormed five new vanpools.