What Is an ETC?

ETC – Employee Transportation Coordinator
What Does an ETC Do?
An Employee Transportation Coordinator is someone who works hand-in-hand with the Pierce Trips team to help administer and promote alternative Commute Options (Bus, Train, Carpool, Vanpool, Bike, Walk, Compressed Work Week, and Telecommute) to employees at their worksites.
How Do You Become an ETC?
Employers of all sizes can provide an Employee Commute Options Program and in order to implement an effective program an ETC is essential. ETCs are employees who are either designated by their employer or are concerned employees who are enthusiastic about working towards the goals of reducing air pollution, traffic congestion, and fuel consumption.
How Do I become an ETC and Access the ETC Corner?
Visit the Employer Services page for an overview on the programs Pierce Trips offers. If you think your business could benefit from offering an Employee Commute Options Program contact a Pierce Trips Team member.  We are happy to help and your employees get on the road to a happy commute.