Bikes on Buses

Bring your bike along for the ride on any bus for a unique transit experience.
Combining your bike commute with a bus ride can be a great daily option or a back-up plan in case weather or weariness makes riding home less than enjoyable.

Pierce Transit Guidelines

According to Pierce Transit’s website:

All Pierce Transit and Sound Transit buses have racks that hold bikes. Use of them is at the risk of the cyclist. On Pierce Transit local service, when bike racks are full it is up to the driver whether a bike may be brought onboard. It depends on passenger loads and the effect on the safety of passengers. For details about bikes on Sound Transit buses or trains pick up a copy of Sound Transit’s Ride the Wave transit guide, or visit the bike section of Sound Transit’s website.

Cyclists are responsible for handling and assuring the security of their bikes, and must hold them throughout their trip. Your transit operator has the authority to ask you to take your bicycle off the bus should the bus become too crowded.

Riders worried about loading their bike on the rack, can practice at one of the many community events Pierce Transit attends with a bus.

If you inadvertently leave your bike on a Pierce Transit bus, you should call customer service at 253-581-8000.
Bring Your Bike on Pierce Transit Video