First-Time Sounder Users

Ride Guide

Riding is stress-free and enjoyable when you know the basics. Check out these tips for new riders!

South_Tacoma_WA_Sounder_StationStep 1: Get Connected With Sounder Information
The commuter train schedules are posted online. You can also subscribe to Rider Alerts so you know about any changes or delays on your route. 

Step 2: Head to the Station
Find a stop near you, and then click on the station map link to view a more detailed station layout. 

Step 3: Pay for Your Fare
Look for one of the ORCA (One Regional Card for All) pass stations or Ticket Vending Machines. If you have an ORCA card, you must tap on by holding your ORCA card up to a reader station before boarding. Sound Transit may issue fines to riders who do not tap their ORCA cards.

Step 4: Board the Train
Find a comfortable seat on the lower or upper level of a car. If you plan on using Wi-Fi, make sure to check which cars offer wireless. Restrooms are available in all cars.

Step 5: Arrive at Your Destination
When you deboard, make sure you have all your belongings. If you used an ORCA card, tap off at a reader station before continuing on to your destination.