Carpooling is one of the most flexible and convenient ways to share the ride. It’s flexible to suit your schedule, saves time and money and allows you to drive in the HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) lane.

Find a Ride or Rider

Use to find a carpool already operating or begin a new carpool. logo
Even if it isn’t a co-worker, someone working and living in the same area as you can make a great carpool fit! You can also use this "Carpoolers Wanted" sign in your workplace to find a rider.

Set a Time and Place

Whether you play it by ear each week or have a fixed schedule, your carpool can be flexible to suit your needs; you’re in charge. If it’s hard to coordinate pickup and drop off, or if you can’t find a rider in your area, consider meeting at a Park and Ride.

Save by Carpooling

You can save some cash by carpooling. Check out this calculator to see how much. 

Emergency Ride Home

If your employer partners with Pierce Trips and you use a smart commute option to get to work, you may be eligible for a free Uber, Lyft or taxi ride home in case of an emergency. Visit Pierce Trips’ Emergency Ride Home page for more information or contact your Employee Transportation Coordinator.