Trip Planning & Real Time Arrivals

Plan Your Trip

Use the Pierce Transit Trip Planner to find the times and routes to get you where you’re going. You’ll need your start and end address, and an idea of what time you’d like to leave or arrive. Other transit agencies also have online resources to help you plan.

pierce transit trip planner

Getting to a Bus Stop

Is your home a little further from a bus route? Bike or drive to a Park and Ride. Check out the list of regional Park and Ride lots to find one close to you and to learn about bike locker rentals.

park and ride lots

Also, consider catching the Tacoma Link Light Rail downtown; it’s free and runs from the Tacoma Dome Station to 9th and Commerce every 10-20 minutes.

Take a Lyft to Your Nearest Transit Center

Live or work a little too far away from the transit center? Pierce Transit is partnering with Lyft to help you access transit. Riders living within certain service zones, shown in the map below, can catch a free Lyft ride to locations where they can access transit. The free rides are limited to certain days and time periods to address common transit issues in a specific zone. For example, students at Pierce College - Puyallup can catch a Lyft ride to destinations within the East Puyallup zone and South Hill Mall Transit Center. Visit Pierce Transit's website to find the codes and learn how to use them.

LAC map

Real Time Updates

Get real-time updates on bus arrivals on your computer or phone through these websites and apps: