Telework Campaign 2022 LogoEarn Rewards Teleworking March 1-31!

This March, Pierce Trips is excited to be hosting their first telework campaign titled "Telework: Today and Tomorrow". 

To be entered to win prizes these during Telework: Today and Tomorrow, March 1-31, all you need to do is telework at least 5 days and log the trips in the Pierce Trips online calendar by Friday, April 8.

Learn more about the Telework: Today and Tomorrow campaign.

All the Comforts of Home...

Sweats and bunny slippers, while frowned upon as business attire, are perfectly acceptable to wear when working from home! Teleworking helps save space on our roads by taking trips off the road, while increasing employee performance and job satisfaction. Teleworking can also expand a company's opportunities for recruiting and retaining employees, and improve their bottom line.

Considerations When Teleworking

Teleworking will change how you communicate with management, co-workers, and clients. Some considerations are:
  • Time management: Will you be distracted at home? Remember, teleworking should not be an alternative to childcare.
  • Communication with co-workers and customers: How can you be reached? Will you have phone calls transferred to your home line or will you check your business phone periodically throughout the day? Clients and co-workers should understand and feel comfortable about contacting you.
  • Home office set-up: Do you have available space? Will your employer provide a computer?
  • Social contact with co-workers: If you are a full-time teleworker, what might you miss by not being in the office on a regular basis? Consider using free or low-cost technology to video conference during staff meetings.
  • Workflow and project reporting: How will you report your productivity to management?
  • Stay Connected: Use our tip sheet for ideas for staying connected while working from home. 
  • Reduce Fatigue: Use our tip sheet for ideas to reduce telework fatigue.

How Can I Talk to My Employer?

When discussing telecommuting with management, here are a few tips:
  • Establish teleworking as a critical business issue. One company in Tennessee closed its facilities for 5 days due to bad weather conditions. The teleworking champion took that opportunity to document the rather high 6 figure financial impact of the closings and demonstrated how teleworking could help save money moving forward. In other words, teleworking is great for employees, but it’s also great for business.
  • Use a ROI cost calculator:
  • Form partnerships with other areas of the organization to create a multi-dimensional team approach to teleworking: This way teleworking won't be viewed as another program, it will be viewed as a cross-organization business objective.
  • Identify which positions are good candidates for teleworking. Not all jobs or people are well-suited to teleworking. Selecting positions that already require independence and self-management will help ensure the telework program is successful.
Save with Telework
You can save some cash by teleworking. Check out this calculator to see how much.