Car-free Recreation in South Puget Sound

Have you been interested in discovering your neighborhood, finding your favorite park, or just getting out more? The South Puget Sound is home to hundreds of recreational opportunities ranging from trails to parks to skateparks to lakes. It’s easy to miss a park or trail when it’s hidden from the main road, or not along your route. 

There are many great resources to help you plan your next excursion, such as:

Limited Access Connections - free Lyft rides to help you access public transportation options.

Transit to Trails - free events to familiarize yourself with riding a bus, and discover local parks and markets. Join the next and last Transit to Trails event on September 11. Pierce Transit is hosting this event to familiarize people with boarding a bus and route navigation. Attendees get Transit to Trail totes with free merchandise, information, and a $10 ORCA card.

Trip Planner - a website to help you plan your next transit trip.

OneBusAway (phone app) - get real-time updates to see when your bus/train is coming.

Pierce Transit Routes - Check out the Pierce Transit page to learn about all the different routes. 

Here, you can find a list of the buses and trains that can get you
to your next park excursion.

Looking for inspiration? On Sunday, October 14, hop on Route 1 from the Tacoma Community College Transit Center and enjoy a 21-minute ride (great for reading a book) to the W.W. Seymour Botanical for a free traditional jazz and folksy blues concert (see map below).

TCC TC to WW Seymour 4
Need help planning your next excursion? Try out the Pierce Transit Trip Planer, or contact us