Commuter Profiles

Dane smart commuter

Dane G.
Star Commuter - 2019

Dane joined Pierce Transit this September, works in the Tacoma Dome Bus Shop and usually takes the Express Bus from Olympia. Find out how Dane makes the most out of a 70-mile round-trip commute.

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Randy S.
Star Commuter - 2018

During his time at Tacoma Public Utilities, Randy served as an Employee Transportation Coordinator. Not only did he promote smart commute options to a large group of 1,350, he also helped manage a fleet of over 30 vanpools, and was a part of a vanpool himself. 

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new vanpool

Pierce Transit Vanpool Group
Star Commuters - 2018

There’s a new vanpool in town! A group of five hail from Puyallup and Graham each morning to combat traffic congestion; let’s find out what made them
reconsider their daily commute. The Dream Team consists of
Tracy K., Brenda L., Tunisa P., Brenda G., and Lonnie S.
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Wendi B.
Star Commuter - 2017

Wendi from the City of Tacoma rides Pierce Transit to and from work. Check out her story to inspire you to start smart commuting!

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Dennis H.
Star Commuter - 2015


Dennis has been riding his bicycle to work for about 10 years to his worksite in Puyallup (when the weather is nice, of course!)

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James S.
Star Commuter - 2015

James from Pierce Transit is no stranger to riding the bus to work. Since February, James has made an effort to use Route 48, which drops him off at the front doors of Pierce Transit
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Propel Vanpool Group
Star Commuter - 2015

Roxanne, Estrell, Christina, Brhea, MiShell, Beth and Julie from Propel Insurance sure know how to commute!
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Pamela H.
Bike Month Winner - 2015

Reference Associate Pamela H. received her first bike in the early '60s. On her route to the South Hill Library when the weather is fair, she has the chance to take in her surroundings and enjoy what is missed when she travels by car.
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Julie A.
Pierce County Resident - 2015

Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson has been riding the bus for years and more often than not takes it to work at the Pierce County Annex.

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