Commute Options Recognition

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The Summit Awards program strives to recognize excellence in employer engagement, strategies and performance toward increasing the non-drive alone commute rate. This program provides employers with the opportunity to receive national, local and individual recognition.

National Recognition -

Best Workplaces for Commut


Best Workplaces for Commuters is a program that provides national recognition and an elite designation for employers offering outstanding commuter benefits. You are also given the opportunity to join the Annual Race to Excellence. Pierce Trips will assist employers who desire to qualify for this prestigious national program.  
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​Local Recognition -

Annual Summit Awards
Employer worksites are honored with awards that are based on a tiered program that allows employers to earn points for different levels of commitment to promote commute options and assist their employees with transportation choices.

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Individual Recognition - Q

uarterly ETC Recognition

ETCs are the cornerstone of any smart commute options program. To honor their hard work, every quarter Pierce Trips will recognize ETCs who make a difference, whether they do so by hosting a transportation event, forming a new carpool or vanpool, or recognizing a smart commuter. ETCs are encouraged to keep up their good work and they may receive a surprise that will make them smile.

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Click here to see ETCs honored at the 2017 Summit Awards and Appreciation Social.